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Being Transgender: A Series on Identity

My friend, Jesse Bernard, has undertaken a very necessary and powerful project on identity. Through a series of three posts, he speaks with three people that do not identify as heteronormative. We hear their experiences of growing up and what it is like being transgender and non-binary, first hand. Through compelling account of their lives thus far, the hope is to educate and deconstruct some of the many misunderstandings of what it means to identify as *trans.



                                                      Image: Charlie White, ‘Comparative Studies’


This is a three part series for VS Notebook.


– Part i can be found HERE.

“What people need to understand is that being
transgender is not a choice, and it isn’t easy.”

– Part ii can be found HERE.

“To finally get to a place where
the self-loathing ends and the self-love begins
will be worth every single step.”

– Part iii can be found HERE.

“Gender identity is so complex it needs to be
ingrained and re-imagined into every area of society.”




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