Don't go there SIANAARRGH!

It takes a lot of confidence to be this ridiculous.

It’s Not Easy Being An Oreo.

So my More Than Melanin episode has gone live and you can view the ‘short’ version RIGHT HERE:



I discuss everything from being told I was not ‘black enough’ all the way through school and being called every type of food under the sun by black people* , to being reminded of my blackness at university and getting told I was ‘pretty for a black girl’ by white people. I also touch on my experiences in the workplace, the question of being ‘manageable’, and I explain why I detest the far too common Angry Black Woman stereotype and deconstruct why it acts as another tool of oppression and silencing of black women’s voices. In true Siana form, I don’t mince my words.

For those of you who would like to see/ hear more, Troy has also provided an extended version of my interview. There will be more later in the month when we knuckle down to discuss Feminism and what part it play in relationships between black men and women. That is definitely not one to miss.


Extended Version: Siana, More Than Melanin.


Remember to check out and keep up with the More Than Melanin blog. Videos will be posted throughout October to celebrate Black History Month and explore what it means to be Black and British in 2014. And if you wuld like to know more about Troy James Aidoo and why he decided to undertak the MTM project, then watch THIS video.


In the meantime, I hope you are all having a happy, rich in learning, and inspiring October so far.


*Oh and FYI – I do actually very much enjoy Oreos. The biscuit kind.




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