Don't go there SIANAARRGH!

It takes a lot of confidence to be this ridiculous.

And That’s A Wrap!

Brave. Bold. Beautiful.

Refreshing. Exciting. Bitterly romantic.

Remarkable. Oddly memorable. Unrelenting. Puzzling.

Fierce. Fierce. Fierce.

Tonight was the closing night of the play I’ve been producing, Fierce. Written and performed by the extraordinarily talented Kathryn Griffiths, even as a member of the team I wasn’t sure what to expect once the scrift and the woman hit the stage. Armed with several of my good friends, we sat through Kat’s one-woman farce, exploring agony, love, lust, loss, sex, art, any everything that lives in between. Yes, there was plenty of nudity, and even more heart. Griffiths offered 250 per cent on that stage as every character was brought to life. Who knew you could so effectively have sex with yourself, party with yourself, fight with yourself, dine, laugh, plot, and scheme with yourself in front of 45 people at a totally sold out show? SIX TIMES.

Some parts of the play are certainly outrageous, whilst much of it is endearing. Subtly shouting ‘girl power’ at you too – the protagonists are all female and there are just a few cameos from male characters (via Kat of course) and none of them are the ‘good guys’. These women have a lot of agency – sexual mainly, which I found extremely interesting. Felicity, a quiet Welsh girl, takes it upon herself to try and kill her step-father in a vain attempt to get some sort of justice for her mother (we’re not entirely sure why) and then she runs away to London, becomes a ‘co-owner’ of a ‘brothel’ and lusts after 33 year old Finn so much she ends up getting her to bed her. All this whilst being a virgin and rather timid. Seemingly. One of the most interesting characters is of course Finn. She is an American artist, living off her patrons, despite not producing a work of art in over six years. She is indeed a womaniser and well… hates women. She finds herself terrified of Felciity’s innocence but falls in love with her anyway. It’s easy to find yourself lost so you’ve got to pay attention.

I don’t want to spoil it in case Kat decides to revive the play and take it on tour so I’ll leave it there. I really hope she does because it’s a real theatrical feast. The critics loved her too. Have a read of all the wonderful things they said about Fierce:


Exeunt – “Griffiths is clearly a fiercely intelligent creative force, and her knack for creating oddly memorable characters and crackling dialogue makes for an odd jumble with the more intensely heartfelt moments … Fierce has a settling weight that lends it more durability than you may expect when watching it … and you may end up leaving with a puzzling, dull ache in your chest.”

Read the full review HERE.

****  Everything Theatre – Fierce is a remarkable piece of work, both the writing and the performance.”

Read the full review HERE

****  The Public Reviews  – “You are witnessing a very special talent.”

Read the full review HERE.

**** London Theatre 1 – “Enormous fun along with professional skill in this gripping tragicomedy.”

Read the full review HERE.

Bargain Theatre –  “There is no doubt upon seeing Fierce that Kathryn Griffiths is both a highly accomplished writer and performer.”

Read the full review HERE.

PostScript Journal – “The piece is hilariously written and performed by Kathryn Griffiths.”

Read the full review HERE.

**** The New Current

“Dark and hilarious… To say that the level of believability in this scene was a ten would be underplaying what Griffiths does… brilliant observational skill…clear beauty…as unrelenting as it is bitterly romantic.”

Read the full review HERE.


We don’t know what’s next for Kat and Fierce, but it has been an honour to have been a part of this small piece of theatre history. Relive every moment by visiting the blog built and run by yours truly: 


But for now… that’s a wrap!



NR 14-10-16 114

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NR 14-10-16 072

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NR 14-10-16 041

NR 14-10-16 065 NR 14-10-16 008 NR 14-10-16 034

All photos by Nick Rutter.


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