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Words of Peace: Radio Plus Poetry Night

Radio Plus Coventry held their second annual poetry night to celebrate peace. This year’s event coincided with the start of World War I.

I performed two original poems: ‘Peaceful Things’ and ‘Brother, Let Me Heal You.’

Read ‘Peaceful Things’ here:


I crave the quiet

Crave the still things and the sweeter things

In life

I yearn for silence

The type of silence that fills the room

And fills your heart

Until it bursts

To pieces

Pieces and pieces of stillness

Jagged edges

A humming

A buzz





And uneven movements

Unsettling but hopeful all the same

And are you comforted by the night?

Are you cradled by the rain as it taps on

And on and on and on

Your windowpane?

Through the wire

And gritted teeth

Even if your heart is heavy

And your house is cold

And you are hungry

Know that better days are coming

Give thanks for all the peaceful things

That have kept you whole

The things that have smiled on you

And given you honey

And morning dew

Offered hands to applaud

To applaud your arrival

In this room

With windows and doors wide open

All the peaceful things keep me balanced

As I wait, watch, listen for the silence.


Peaceful Things




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