Don't go there SIANAARRGH!

It takes a lot of confidence to be this ridiculous.

Zee Explains All

So Azealia Banks sat down with Pitchfork and kept it real in the way only she knows how. After the surprise release of her delayed (by two years) album, Broke With Expensive Taste, she’s got no time to waste. Apparently she’s learnt from her mistakes, has grown up a bit, and is ready to take on this fame game and pick up from where she left off. The music business is a bitch that’s for sure.

In this candid, and enjoyable interview, she talks leaving Interscope; dropping her new album; and cultural appropriation. And no, like hell is she ever going to sign to another major label again. I think my faith in Zee is slowly being restored…

‘I always think of the music industry as this weird human commodity game. It’s almost like slavery, where these people become popular for awhile, and then it’s done.

‘It’ll be like, “For a couple of years, we’re gonna fuck with blue-eyed soul, and  here’s Duffy, here’s Adele”—who’s great—but now we’ve got a thousand white girls  singing blue-eyed soul. It’s so regurgitated and corny. You have it in everything.  You have it in indie rock. You’ll have Interpol, and then the National, and it’s just  like, “Really, dude? Really?”

‘Or it’ll be like, “We’re gonna pop off the white-girl rapper,” so we’ll have Gwen  Stefani and Fergie, and then it’ll get worse and worse and worse. And you’re just  like, “What the fuck is this?” The whole trend of white girls appropriating black  culture was so corny—it was more corny than it was offensive. Trust me, I’m not  offended: All the things I’m trying to run away from in my black American  experience are all the things that they’re celebrating. So if they fuckin’ want them,  have them; if they want to be considered oversexualized and ignorant every time  they open their fucking mouth, then fucking take it. But more than that, the art is  not good. These songs are not good. It’s like, “Oh my God, you’re doing this black  woman impression, is that what the fuck you think of me, bitch? I need to meet  the black woman that you’re imitating because I’ve never met any black woman  who acts that bizarre.” It’s crazy that this becomes mainstream culture. All of  America is celebrating shit like that. It’s so weird.’

Read HERE for the full interview.


Azealia Banks - Broke With Expensive Taste [Clean]




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