Don't go there SIANAARRGH!

It takes a lot of confidence to be this ridiculous.

Strolling, by Cecile Emeke

I’ve decided to sort out your Christmas viewing for you. By now, most people are on their Christmas holiday or are about to be and if you want to have more on your viewing list than just ‘Miracle on 34th Street’, ‘Bad Santa’, and ‘The Grinch’, may I suggest you kick back and settle down with Cecile Emeke and her ‘Strolling’ series.

Emeke is a filmmaker, writer & artist from London. ‘Strolling’ is a short documentary series in which she goes for a stroll with people of Black British heritage (so far) and has a conversation about life’s most important, complex, and uncomfortable topics. The series was created in order to spark conversation, and simultaneously continue the work of trying to give a voice to all nuances of the black experience throughout the African diaspora.



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