Don't go there SIANAARRGH!

It takes a lot of confidence to be this ridiculous.

Cecile Emeke: The New York Times Interview

“It’s great when my work resonates with other people and we get to connect in that way. But if I were to start trying to create in order to have a certain type of impact on people, I feel that my work would become really inauthentic and become more of a product as opposed to art. More than anything, I hope to stay authentic to myself. Whether it’s five or five million people who really vibe with my work, I’m happy as long as I created what I wanted to see.” – Cecile Emeke.

She is one of my favourite visual artists at the moment and she is out there in the wild making tracks, carving out her own space and as a result, a space for black women, to have a voice and be heard. Cecile Emeke is taking the film world by storm and in her latest interview, this time with The New York Times, she tells us why she’s really not bothered about Hollywood and why she doesn’t plan to beg the powers that be to support her vision.

Cecile Emeke

Cecile Emeke Isn’t Worried About Hollywood, by Jenna Wortham


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