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Interview with The Break Up Recipe

I sat down with Munir Bello to discuss growing up, school, No Fly on the WALL and Intersectional Feminism, Kamaria Press and entering the publishing industry, poetry and peforming spoken word, working on my upcoming book and much, much more. Check out the interview here.

TBUR Image 5

“I’ve been writing creatively from a very young age, actually. A few weeks ago I was tidying up/ having a clear out and I found two poetry anthologies that I was included in. One poem was from when I was about 11 years old and the other from age 13. It made me laugh a bit. I remember writing stories from very early on. I wrote my first novel around 12 or 13 I think. It was a murder mystery. But it got wiped from my computer! But I do recall it being heavily influenced by Poirot, the Belgium detective. I stopped writing poetry for a long time because I had other shit to concentrate on and I reached a point where it felt a bit cringe to be all up in my feelings like that. It was not cool to be a poet when I was growing up. I didn’t even know what spoken word was, but I have always been a performer, the stage my first home so to speak. Through performing and writing, the reserved kid that I was, became the outspoken, expressive, extrovert that I actually was. I found I enjoyed it and I was good at it. I picked up poetry and embarked upon a career in spoken word after an encounter which changed everything, and simultaneously nothing actually. But it made me write my first poem in a long time, called ‘The Stranger’. That poem resonates deeply with all the people I’ve performed it in front of thus far and it will be one of the lead poems in my upcoming anthology.”

Read more here.


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