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National Poetry Day, Buzzfeed, Showroom Gallery, and Contemporary Other

Yesterday was a HUGE day for me full of celebration and poetry.

Yesterday was National Poetry Day (08/10/2015) and to mark the day, the good people at Buzzfeed ran a feature on Black British poets (peep me at number nine along with some amazing contemporaries of mine) here.

I then performed live at Showroom Galleries as part of the SorryYouFeelUncomfortable residency and debuted my latest poem – ‘Denim’ – on gentrification, urban spaces, and displacement. The recording should be with us soon on PASS radio.

And to top it all off, I went to the launch party of Issue 2 of Contemporary Other Magazine – ‘Feminism Is…’

My poems ‘I, The Angry Black Woman‘ and ‘Scorched Earth‘ feature in this issue along with work from the likes of Zoe Samudzi; Ines Elsa Dalal, Emily Mulenga, Dark Matter, Myah Jeffers and others:

“CONTEMPORARY OTHER ISSUE #2 ‘FEMINISM IS’ is having its official pre release tomorrow night with the guys over at the launch of  Fierce Festival  2015.

Contemporary Other Cover

Front cover; image by Joiri Minaya

The issue includes: New York based artists, Joiri Minaya and Kamal Badhey, Manchester based artist Naomi M, and Birmingham based Emily Mulenga, Jude Orlando Enjolras and Louise Byng.

 A statement by ‘resistance thug’ Zoe Samudzi on why she is ‘not a feminist’, an essay on the state of reproductive rights by Leyla Eroglu, poetry by Siana Bangura and an extract by Ria Hartley. “

To find out more about issue 2, click here.

Contemporary Other 5 Contemporary Other 4 Contemporary Other 3 Contemporary Other 2


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