Don't go there SIANAARRGH!

It takes a lot of confidence to be this ridiculous.

Nadiya Hussain and the broadness of ‘Britishness’

I for one do not know what on earth ‘Britishness’ really is. Nobody has been able to define it, least of all David Cameron and the other racists who say immigrants can’t be British. All the same, whatever it is, I’m glad that Nadiya Hussain won the Great British Bake Off being one hundred per cent herself and nothing else.

As Remona Aly of The Guardian puts it:

“Nadiya’s popularity has demonstrated how the vast majority of people in Britain embrace diversity and inclusivity, and are certainly not going to dismiss her based on religion, race or attire. That an Asian Muslim woman in a headscarf can win a thoroughly British competition proves that “Britishness” is a broader and more open concept than some would like us to think. It proves that whether you choose to wear a headscarf, a turban or a bowler hat, Britain is not limited by homogeneity but strengthened by diversity.

“In fact, some of our most iconic Brits are, shall we furtively say, not as strictly English as the term might suggest, though they sure are as English as fish and chips (which are Jewish and French/Belgian in origin respectively). Our little island has been absorbing different cultures and backgrounds for a good few centuries and more. But we don’t have to go that far back: Ben Elton, whose father was a Jewish refugee, helped shape British wit; Freddie Mercury, a Parsi born in Zanzibar, fronted one of the most legendary British bands of all time; and Helen Mirren, whose grandfather was a Russian diplomat turned London cabbie, is one of Britain’s finest actors. We Brits are good at embracing and owning genius, wherever it stems from.

“… In a way, Nadiya has broken her own glass ceiling. While black and Asian women face even more challenges than their white counterparts to be successful in their careers, we have witnessed Nadiya rise to fulfil our collective aspirations for her.”

Nadia Great British Bake Off

I don’t watch TV much. I don’t watch this show either. BUT I kept my ears and eyes open for news on Nadiya’s progress and it’s safe to say, I’m glad she won. One small step for the brown girls, one giant leap for baking and British television. All hail our queen Nadiya.


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