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Twerk Panel at SOAS during Black History Month Tour

During my Black History Month tour in October 2015, I took part in a panel on twerking, hosted by SOAS Women’s network and SOAS BME network.

Apart from discussing twerking as an act of resistance, other themes were discussed critically such as cultural appropriation, occupation of black bodies, black femininity in relation to white femininity, autonomy, white supremacy, spaces, body positivity, self-love, twerking as a space to stop resisting, twerking as an act of defiance against the sexualisation of aspects of African culture, twerking as a low-art , twerking as reclamation and empowerment and so on.

The featured panelists in the order of speaking were:

Sarah Nwafor: the current NUS Mature and Part-Time Students’ representative and a member of NUS Black Sabbs Executive Committee

Kelechi aka ‘Cocoa’: a Personal Trainer, Twerk instructor and Pole Dance instructor

(me) Siana Bangura: a poet and the editor of Black Feminist platform No Fly on the WALL

Prisca Vungbo: Events Coordinator, Ain’t I a woman collective


Ama Josephine Budge: Writer/Curator/Artist, HYSTERIA Collective



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