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Support ‘1500 And Counting’ – A Documentary Investigating Police Brutality in the UK

Since June 2015 I have been working on a documentary with my friend and long-term collaborator, Troy James Aidoo. Stirred by the death of Sheku Bayoh in May 2015 and fuelled further by the recent death of Sarah Reed in January 2016, we committed ourselves to telling the British side of the global police brutality story.

Throughout February we’ve been crowd funding to raise funds to complete the film and get it screened this summer. We now have just TWO weeks left to reach our goal. Support the campaign and donate on Indie GoGo by clicking here.

Need more convincing?

Watch our pitch video here and hear why Troy and I believe this film needs to be made.

And watch snippets from some of our interviews we’ve already conducted below:

Basil reflects on how much has really changed and how far he thinks we’ve come in 2015.

Chris reflects on race relations in the 80s and race relations now and concludes that the skinheads who caused them trouble as young black men became the police force of today.

C. D Wallace recounts his experiences with the police in Tottenham.


To watch more snippets from the upcoming documentary, click here.


To support and donate to the crowd fund campaign, click here.

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