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Happy International Women’s Day 2016!

Happy International Women’s Day folks!

I’ve always loved March. Not only is it Women’s History Month, International Women’s Month, home to International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day (UK), and my little sister’s birthday, it’s also the end of the first quarter of the year and the start of Spring.

To commemorate all of these things, I’ve released a special poem from my upcoming debut collection of poetry, Elephant. ‘Grandma’ is a poem that complicates the narrative of womanhood and motherhood, and challenges notions of women being naturally maternal, selfless, nurturing, and caring. Why write something like this? Because just as it is vital we celebrate the beauty of motherhood and maternal relationships, we must acknowledge the sad truths that plague the existence of those for whom blood is not always thicker than water. These stories also matter. My upcoming collection seeks to explore taboos and darkness in order to find some light – our stories deserve more than the single narrative too often afforded them.

In addition to releasing my poem, an essay I have written has featured in a special 16-page feature in Morning Star Newspaper. This feature celebrates the work of British women of colour. ‘Police Slaughter of Black Women is a Feminist Issue’ highlights some of the many female victims of police brutality in the UK, a topic I’ve been speaking a lot about recently.




“The slaughter of black women at the hands of British police is a feminist issue. The killing of vulnerable people by those who should protect them is a humanitarian crisis. The fact our police forces are institutionally racist and rotten to the core is a British problem and it’s time we all held the police accountable for their deplorable actions.

“I have learned that a lot of people romanticise the struggles of the past but fail to realise the baton has been handed over to this generation. I very much believe in collective action. If we all do something small it will have a great impact. 1500 And Counting is a film that belongs to all of us because it is telling a very British story about people who could have been your loved one — people who could have been you.”

Read the full article here.

There are just a few days left to support the 1500 And Counting crowd fund campaign. Help us make this very important film by donating here.

You can purchase Morning Star paper today (and every day Mon-Thurs) from most British retailers selling magazines and newspapers.






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