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I’m looking for contributors to my next book!

This May will mark the one year anniversary of my debut collection of poetry, ‘Elephant’, and I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve already started making moves regarding my next book! Don’t worry – the era of ‘Elephant’ isn’t quite over just yet – I’ve still got visuals and sounds inspired by the project to come so keep your eyes peeled (particularly around May time).

However, one cannot rest on past laurels, especially when there is so much going on the world right now – most of it really bad. I’m now on the hunt for abstracts from Black writers all over the world to be considered for the twin-anthology I am editing. I want to map the interlinking stories of Black men and Black women in all their forms and show how we are simultaneously inextricably linked and also vastly different. I’d like contributions from all over the world, as I think it’s vital we don’t just look to the West for answers. It clearly has no answers if the state of the USA and Britain are anything to go by. I want to meet everyone involved so give me reason to travel to you!

The initial response has been brilliant so keep your submissions coming and please be patient with us – this is a long-term project that has been on the cards for quite some time now. The anthology will be published by the Haus of Liberated Reading, as was ‘Elephant’, and we’re hoping to release it in the autumn of 2018!



I’ve received lots of questions so far and my plan is to do a Twitter Q&A session in the near future but the key things you need to know right now are:

  • We want submissions from Black writers everywhere
  • You can write about any subject you want  – there is no theme
  • Your submission does not have to explicitly political – however the fact you write as a marginalised voice is already a political acts
  • This is a soft call out to gauge interest so no hard deadline has been set yet, however I’d hope we have most abstracts in by May 2017. A second, more ‘formal’ call out with more concrete details will be coming in March 2017. However get your work in as soon as possible – you’ve been told well in advance so no excuses
  • Send in abstracts and NOT the actual work itself. I just want a summary to get a feel for things initially. If your work fits the bill, we will be back in touch and let you know how to submit the full work for consideration


For more details visit the Haus of Liberated Reading website: and before sending us anything PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ the submissions guidelines. Very detailed submissions information can be found here: How to submit work to Haus of Liberated Reading



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