Don't go there SIANAARRGH!

It takes a lot of confidence to be this ridiculous.


Here are links to some of my work – past and present. I will try to keep this as well updated as possible!

Selected pieces:

‘I am not de problem’: Benjamin Zephaniah on modern racism – Newsnight, 8th December 2015

‘Many’, by Siana Bangura, 30th November 2015

The Dating Game Is The One Arena Where Racial Prejudice Gets A Pass, 26th November 2015

Literature As Bright As The Moon: All Rise, For Kamaria Press Has Arrived, 13th November 2015

THREE Dope Black British Female Visual Artists To Fangirl Over, 11th November 2015

‘1500 And Counting’: A Film Investigating Gross Misconduct And Police Brutality In The UK, 2nd November 2015

Siana Bangura on the Angry Black Woman, 26th October 2015

Siana Bangura spoken word Black History Month 2015, 26th October 2015

Siana Bangura on the struggles of black women, 26th October 2015

‘When I Needed A Neighbour Were You There?’: Addressing Racism In Britain, The Elephant In The Room, 18th October 2015

Rewriting History: The Black Cantabs Society of Cambridge University, 13th October 2015

Let’s Meet: “No Fly on the Wall” Siana Bangura, 4th October 2015

‘The Immigrant’, by Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor: An insight into the future?, 30th September 2015

Welcome to Chuku’s – The new spot to chop, chat, and chill in London, 27th August 2o15

An evening of ‘Strolling’ with diasporic voices at Rich Mix cinema, 13th July 2015

#silencedoncampus, 2nd July 2015

Africans Together in Cambridge: A weekend of lively discussion, 15th June 2015

All Black Lives Matter: seeking justice for Sheku Bayoh, 28th May 2015

12 Brilliant Krio Proverbs to live by, 26th May 2015

Housing || #InMyShoes || Spoken Word, 5th May 2015

What Young People Think About Politics || Spoken Word, 2nd April 2015

I too am Black and a Feminist: On the importance of Black British Feminism, 13th March 2015

Siana Bangura – International Women’s Day, 29th April 2014


Online work for MiGREAT Africa (2015) can be found here.

Commissioned essay for SE15 paper (2015) on nailshops and gentrification in Peckham can be purchased here.

Online work for Media Diversified (2015) can be found here.

Piece for Nu People Magazine (2015) on polygamy can be found here.

Co-produced one-woman show ‘Fierce’ for Camden People’s Theatre (2014) – see more here.

Commissioned article for STRIKE! Magazine (2014) for Feminism Issue here.

Article in ‘Letters’ section of the Times Higher Education Supplement (2013) about private tuition can be found here.

Online work for The Cambridge Student (2013) can be found here.

Work for YH World (2009 – 2013) can be found here.

Work for BBC Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend (2012) can be found here.

I wrote a piece for Huffington Post ‘s Young Voices (2012) on the music industry – have a read here.

Living with the Amish (2012) various – here

I was a popular/ infamous columnist (2012) at The Cambridge Tab – you can read all eight entries here.

Various pieces (2011) as a Senior Tab Reporter can be read here.

Living wth the Amish (2011) channel 4 – here

Living with the Amish (2011) channel 4 interviews – here

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