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No Fly on the WALL

Founded in July 2013, No Fly on the WALL is a platform to discuss and celebrate Intersectional Feminism, centring the voices of Black British women and Black women living in the UK.

It is a safe space for marginalised voices to take centre stage and discuss our place in today’s society across gendered, racial, classist, and other such lines. NFotW is not just another blog about Feminism. It is a call to attention and a demand to diversify the converation.

Here is an extract from the ‘About Us‘ Section of the site:

“After endless frustrating conversations about why we need to reclaim the label ‘Feminist’ and why ‘feminism’ is not all about keeping underarm hair; hating men; hating women who wear make-up and love fashion; disapproving of the family and marriage; and of course, burning your bras; after endeavouring to convince some of my friends that Feminists don’t always have to be (and most certainly are not always) white middle class women who become politicised at university; or defending my belief that by its simplest definition ‘Feminism’ calls for equality for women in every aspect of society, every aspect of life, meaning men can be Feminists too, I decided to put everything down on paper as such – well blog about it. And with help from my team of writers (many of whom are dear friends of mine), we hope to diversify the discussion. We hope to show you that there is no such thing as ‘Feminism’ and in fact, there are ‘Feminisms’ (and that’s a GOOD thing) because let’s face it – no two women have the exact same experience, do they? How could they? We live in so many different corners of the earth; we are all born at different times; we come in different shades, shapes, and sizes; we love in different ways; we have different experiences of education and being educated, we are from different creeds, faiths, or no faiths at all, we have seen different things and experienced different things at different times… the list goes on but you get the idea. ‘Women’ cannot and should not be treated as one homogeneous group of beings because we’re not.



“One of the things I am desperately passionate about is creating a platform for voices from the grassroots to join and enrich the discussion. Although yes, I am a university graduate and that environment helped me to meet like-minded people and develop my political perspective, there are a number of different spaces that can allow a person to do those things: to think and to grow. I myself am a young black woman and for a long time I couldn’t relate fully to a lot of the obvious and celebrated ‘Feminist’ literature that was on my reading list for my Gender paper at university. I had to go the extra mile and add the voices of Angela Y Davis, Alice Walker, Audre Lorde, Patricia Hill Collins, bell hooks and other great feminist heroes of the world to make things a little clearer. And there are still many women I have yet to learn about. That’s not to say that I didn’t learn a lot from the struggles of the Pankhursts and the Suffragettes; or appreciate the writings of Germaine Greer (no matter how controversial), Virginia Woolf, John Stuart Mill, Eleanor Rathbone, Mary Wollenstencraft, and the like. We can all learn something valuable from the diverse experiences of the women who came before us. I also hope this blog helps us to consolidate our understanding of the women (and sometimes the men) of our own generation too. Misunderstanding leads to fear, which eventually leads to the oppression and inequality of those who have been misunderstood.”


The No Fly on the WALL Academy is our outreach arm. Through the Academy we run workshops, masterclasses, and hold monthly events with the aim to take the conversations offline and get people in a room together to network, (un)learn, share, and love. The academy has worked with Reuters, and joined forces with Common House, SecretBirds, TRiBE, and Jacobs University; and has run workshops at schools across the UK including Highbury Grove and Heston College.

Click here to find out more.


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