Don't go there SIANAARRGH!

It takes a lot of confidence to be this ridiculous.


I was recently interviewed by poet and legend, Benjamin Zephaniah, for BBC Newsnight to mark 50 years since the introduction of the 1965 Race Relations Act in Britain.


Filmmaker Dalila McFarlane-Martin made a short film about a day in the life of me and captured moments from the recent SHEroes of No Fly on the WALL event at SOAS.



I recently sat down with Kai Lutterodt of ‘Let’s Do Lunch – An Urban Guide’ to discuss life as a freelance journalist and creative and offer some pearls of wisdom to budding journalists.

In August I performed at and chaired the closing panel of the first All Black Everything Conference. Here are some of the many highlights of the day.

In April 2015 I flew to Germany to deliver the closing speech, perform, and run workshops at Jacobs University’s first Women in International Leadership conference to a room of 200 people from all over the world.

To mark the two year anniversary of the No Fly on the WALL platform, we made a special birthday video. Here is the story of No Fly on the WALL and where we are today.

I appeared on Consented TV again – this time to discuss the notion of British Multiculturalism.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Anthony Lyrics and I appeared in the inaugural episode of ‘Interact with HettyAsh’. We talk Versified Life the show and the brand, and from 06.08 mins I perform my poem, ‘Scorched Earth’.

‘Talking Tuesdays’, with I’mPossible. In this episode we discussed black women and voting, the professional versus the personal lives of celebrities, wellbeing and self care.

‘The State of British Politics’

In the lead up to the British General Election on May 7th I made several TV and radio appearances to discuss the youth vote and getting more young people to vote. In this video, I sat down with Consented UK and several other guests to discuss the state of British Politics.

‘Poetry and the Piano’, at Venue 515, Bethnal Green

As well as a writer and journalist, I am a spoken word performer. Here is a short snippet from an event I perform at monthly called Poetry Luv. The latest showcase took place in East London in a suitably intimate setting. I debuted my latest poem, ‘Scorched Earth’, accompanied by this beautiful and haunting piano piece composed by my friend Mariam.

Catch us from 3:22 onwards.

The Role of Social Media in the Womens’ Struggle

Filmed at “The Oppression and Resilience of Women” Event, Saturday 15 March 2014 at Conway Hall to celebrate International Women’s Day.

I took part in Troy James Aidoo’s series to mark Black History Month, ‘More Than Melanin’. This is a series exploring what it means to be black and British in 2014, dealing with issues such as identity, Feminism, relationships, pop culture and the media, racism, the natural hair movement, and much more. Here is the short version of my interview, in which I reflect on what it was like growing up and not being ‘black enough’ for some, and then going to university and being ‘too black’ for others. No words are minced and no feelings are spared!


And you can watch the extended version HERE.

As part of the ‘More Than Melanin’ series, we also discussed the importance of Feminism and try to demystify some of the many myths surrounding the movement.

You can watch the extended version HERE.

Filmed at the First Birthday celebration of the London Black Atheists; ‘Love From The other Side: Sexuality, Gender, Feminism, & Religion’ – Part 1; Catch me from 28.40 onwards.

‘Love From The other Side: Sexuality, Gender, Feminism, & Religion’ – Part 2 (This was heated!)


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